Google today announced a new feature for Google Maps which makes its mapping service a bit social. Lists in Google Maps enables users on Android and iOS to easily create lists of their favorite places and then share them with friends and family. The lists can also be viewed using Google Maps for desktop and can be edited via the web as well. The lists are also available in offline maps.
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Microsoft today announced that the Forza franchise has reached a major milestone. The franchise has exceeded $1 billion in retail sales as of December 2016. This news brings to an end an amazing year for Forza as it saw more than 14 million unique players involved in the community on Xbox One and Windows 10 by the end of last year. Forza continued its run as the best-selling racing franchise of this console generation while Forza Horizon 3 sold more than 2.5 million units. It’s also mentioned in the announcement that more than three million players joined the online Forza community every month.
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Huawei is going to be present at the Mobile World Congress 2017 later this month to unveil two new smartphones that many have been looking forward to. The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are due to be unveiled at MWC 2017 but we now know that there’s going to be another product on the roster. Huawei CEO Richard Yu has confirmed via Weibo today that the Huawei Watch 2.0 is also going to be launched at this event.
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When the Galaxy Note 7 went up in flames quite literally last year, it was rumored that perhaps Samsung would ditch the Galaxy Note series as many considered it difficult for the series to bounce back from the battery fire fiasco. We now know that this is not how it’s going to turn out because Samsung has confirmed that it’s going to launch a new Note handset later this year. A new report today claims to bring us the codename of the Galaxy Note 8.
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Razer today launched an updated model of its Blade notebook which promises increased power and performance. The notebook weighs 4.3 pound and measures in at 0.7 inch and yet it features Intel Kaby Lake processors and a 4K display. This is the first Razer Blade notebook with an optional 14 inch 4K display and an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor under the hood.
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There’s a lot of excitement in the air concerning the new flagship smartphones that are due at the Mobile World Congress 2017 later this month. LG is one of the companies that’s going to be in Barcelona to unveil a new flagship smartphone. The company has confirmed some minor details about the new device but it hasn’t shown it off just yet.

Today we’re being treated to what’s claimed to be a leaked photo of the LG G6’s front panel. LG has already confirmed that the LG is going to feature a “Full Vision” display, that’s one way of saying that the handset is going to have very slim bezels.

The leaked photo does show an extra-wide 5.7-inch display said to tout Quad HD 1,440×2,880 pixel resolution. The photo is in line with previous leaks that we’ve seen so far, the camera and sensor placement appears to be the same, with the LG logo placed below the display.

Reports also suggest that this is likely going to be the first non-Pixel handset to feature Google Assistant while LG itself confirmed earlier today that the G6 is going to feature an upgraded Quad DAC for an enhanced audio experience. The LG G6 will be formally unveiled on February 26th in Barcelona.

A social media post led to reports that perhaps Target would soon start accepting Apple Pay in its stores across the United States but the retail giant has now confirmed that this is not the case, at least for now. Target has issued an official statement confirming that it doesn’t have any plans to start accepting Apple Pay in its stores.
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Apple introduced the LG UltraFine 5K monitor alongside its new MacBook Pros last year. It’s basically a replacement for the company’s Thunderbolt displays that have not been refreshed for a few years now. Soon after Apple started shipping these monitors, customers started complaining that they were not working as they should be. LG acknowledged that there was an issue and as it works to sort out the problem, Apple has decided to temporarily suspend sales of the LG UltraFine 5K monitor.
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Late night talk show host James Corden started the Carpool Karaoke segment on his show some time back. It saw Corden behind the wheel with some of the biggest stars in the music industry as they sang along to their biggest hits and talked about everything from life to hopes and dreams. Apple later acquired the rights to Carpool Karaoke as it intended to make a series out of it and unveiled the first trailer for its Carpool Karaoke: The Series during the Grammy Awards last night.
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Nikon created its DL series of premium compact cameras in order to compete against the likes of Sony and Panasonic in this particular segment. However, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Nikon was supposed to launch the DL series in June last year but due to some problems, the launch was delayed. Nikon has now decided to cancel the DL series altogether.
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