Recently it was reported that ZTE has run into some problems in the US where due to an export ban, they will no longer be able to source from US companies like Qualcomm for their smartphone components. Unfortunately it seems that those problems have extended to other countries as well, such as Taiwan. Read full post →Taiwanese Government Making It Harder For ZTE To Obtain Components

Instagram has been slowly adding new features to its platform where it makes it more fun and useful for people or companies to share photos on its platform. The good news for avid Instagrammers is that if you wanted even more features and tools to play around with, Instagram could be more than happy to oblige. Read full post →Instagram Could Have Some New Features In The Works

If there is a reason for governments to be concerned about companies becoming monopolies is because as a monopoly, customers have no choice but to buy from you, which in turn means companies could charge an arm and a leg to take advantage of their position. Unfortunately that seems to be a position that Samsung has found themselves in. Read full post →Samsung Accused Of Colluding With DRAM Suppliers To Jack Up Prices

As if it wasn’t bad enough that adults spend so much time buried in their phones and computers, Facebook decided to launch Messenger for Kids where it provides a way for kids to keep in touch with each other, at least through Facebook’s platform. The good news for parents is that Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that should help manage your kid’s time on the platform. Read full post →Facebook Messenger For Kids Gets A New ‘Sleep Mode’

Microsoft and Apple’s feud against each other is well-documented, although we suppose it’s not really a feud but more of an intense rivalry where both companies have put out products that seem to be similar to each other, at least in functionality, such as computers, software, smartphones, and so on. Read full post →Microsoft’s CMO Says Its ‘Feud’ With Apple Is Over

In the early days of the internet where companies had yet to hop onto the internet bandwagon and create an online presence for themselves, there were some opportunists who registered domain names belonging to companies which were eventually sold back to these companies for huge sums of money. Read full post →French Government Sued For Seizing Domain Name

Facebook does not only provide a way for friends to stay in touch with each other. It also allows companies to reach out to their customers, and also for charity organizations to raise awareness and also funding, which Facebook has released fundraising tools in the past. In a recent post on its website, Facebook has since announced new fundraising initiatives. Read full post →Facebook Introduces New Tools For Fundraising

While companies like Microsoft and Sony usually take the stage at E3, Nintendo’s presence at the event has mostly been remote where while they do participate in E3, most of their announcements take place via live streams. This year appears to be no different as Nintendo has confirmed that they will be live streaming announcements at E3 this year. Read full post →Nintendo Confirms Live Streaming Plans For E3 2018

In the past whenever a new iPhone is released, it usually takes a few weeks or a few months before shipping dates have been normalized. However with the iPhone X, it did not take long before shipping dates became shorter and shorter, which at that point in time left many wondering if it was either Apple getting a handle on supply, or if sales weren’t that good. Read full post →Apple Is Reportedly ‘Disappointed’ By iPhone X Sales

So come 2nd of May, LG is expected to unveil their brand new smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ. However leading up to the announcement, it appears that LG has been steadily teasing details about the handset. Recently the company had boasted that the display on the phone will feature a 1000 NIT brightness, but that’s not all. Read full post →LG G7 ThinQ Will Feature Speakers 10x Louder Than Regular Smartphones