Cheating is a problem in Valve’s Counter-Strike: GO game, and it looks like the company has decided that their previous attempts at curbing cheating was not as effective as it could be, and they have since announced a new system that they are calling “Trust”. This is essentially an expansion of the Prime system that was used before. Read full post →Valve Introduces ‘Trust’ System To Combat Counter-Strike: GO Cheating

The beauty of our smartphones is that we are essentially carrying a computer in our pockets, which means that we are able to do a ton of things while on the go, such as learning a new language. If you’re interested in picking up a new language, chances are you might have heard of Duolingo. Read full post →Duolingo’s Language Learning App Adds A Mandarin Course

If MMORPGs with superheroes are your kind of game, you might have heard or even played Disney’s Marvel Heroes. The game was a free-to-play title that allowed players to play as various heroes from the Marvel universe, such as Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine, Captain America, and so on, with the company selling various costumes for them as well. Read full post →Disney’s Free-To-Play ‘Marvel Heroes’ Will Be Shutting Down

Last year Fujifilm announced two new flagship mirrorless cameras that are top of the range as far as the company’s X-series of cameras are concerned. This included the X-Pro2 and the X-T2. Both cameras have since receive some high praise, but unfortunately their price makes it a bit out of reach for the casual photographer. Read full post →Possible Schematics Of The Fujifilm X-A5 Revealed

These days we’re starting to see developers introduce loot boxes to their games. Basically these loot boxes contain a variety of items, depending on the game you play. For some this includes additional gear, like weapons, armor, in-game currency, and so on, some of which actually impact gameplay, while some are merely cosmetic. Read full post →Belgian Authorities Investigating Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Loot Boxes

When it comes to smartwatches, Fossil was kind of late to the game, but the company has definitely not wasted any time since. The company has been busy churning out smartwatch after smartwatch under the various brands under its umbrella, with the latest devices from Fossil coming in the form of the Fossil Q Venture and Q Explorist. Read full post →Fossil Q Control Smartwatch With Heart Rate Sensor Launched

The OnePlus 5T is expected to be officially announced tomorrow at an event that will be held in New York City. Thanks to leaked photos, we kind of know what the handset will look like, but it seems that there could be more than we expected. If the rumors are true, OnePlus could be working on a limited edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T. Read full post →OnePlus 5T Limited Edition Star Wars Handset Rumored

Earlier today we reported that Nintendo would be issuing an update to its fighting game ARMS that would bump it to version 4.0. With the update, it is also expected that Nintendo would be introducing a new fighting arena and a new fighter, and sure enough all has since been revealed which you can check out in the trailer above. Read full post →ARMS 4.0 Update Now Live, Introduces New Fighter ‘Misango’

Remember back in the day when a lamp was just a lamp, and all it had to do was provide illumination? These days we’re seeing companies start to “enhance” our everyday gadgets, and the Olie Lamp is one of them. Launched on Indiegogo, the Olie Lamp is a lamp, a wireless charger, and also comes with a digital assistant baked inside of it. Read full post →The Olie Lamp Comes With Wireless Charging And A Digital Assistant

Twitter’s “blue tick” verified status is something that is highly coveted and it basically means that you’re “recognized” as someone whose tweets might mean something, like journalists reporting the news, CEOs and employees of companies, brands, celebrities, and so on. However as you might have heard, Twitter has recently suspended the system. Read full post →Twitter Now Revoking Verified Status From Some Accounts