itunes on macbookThe iTunes App Store is owned and controlled by Apple, in which developers, musicians, movie studios, and more can upload their creations where it can be purchased and downloaded by users of Apple’s products. Recently it seems that consumers aren’t too thrilled about Apple’s monopoly over its iPhone apps. Read full post →Apple Accused Of Monopolistic Behavior With Its iOS App Store

nintendo-switchWith Sony and Microsoft basically making their consoles region-free, many wondered if Nintendo would adopt a similar practice. The good news is that yes, the Nintendo Switch will indeed be region-free as confirmed by the Nintendo of America Twitter account in which they announced, “Nintendo will not apply region-locking to #NintendoSwitch software.” Read full post →Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Region Locked

Back in the day, parental control when it came to video games was basically about locking the console or computer away until a certain time of the day, or when chores or homework was completed. These days there are apps and it looks like Nintendo has created a parental control app for the Nintendo Switch. Read full post →The Nintendo Switch Will Have A Parental Control App

nintendo-switchNintendo’s Miiverse and StreetPass features have sort of been staples to the various consoles released by Nintendo in recent years, but it seems that they will not be finding their way onto the Nintendo Switch. Speaking to GamesBeat, it was confirmed by Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations, David Young. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Will Ditch Miiverse & StreetPass

nintendo-switch-3The NES Classic was a surprise hit from Nintendo. The idea of releasing a remake of a classic console that came preloaded with old games seemed like a novel idea that seemed like it would appeal more to hardcore fans than the casual gamer, but surprisingly enough the public took to it and despite Nintendo’s best efforts, it continued to be sold out. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Won’t Run Into Shortage Problems

galaxy-note-7-s-pen_03-on-screenEarlier this month we reported that Samsung would be revealing the results of its Note 7 investigation this month, or at least that was what was speculation. It seems that the rumors are on track because according to a new report, the results of the investigation could be revealed on the 23rd of January, 2017, which is basically next Monday. Read full post →Note 7 Investigation Results Could Be Revealed Jan 23rd

A couple of weeks back we reported on a leaked Windows 10 beta build which included a new “Game Mode” feature. Microsoft sought to improve gaming performance on Windows 10 PCs by delivering software optimizations with this feature. The company has now confirmed the Windows 10 Game Mode that’s going to be included in the upcoming major Creators Update due in a few weeks. It has confirmed additional gaming-focused features as well.
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It has been a while since Motorola – now owned by Lenovo – came out with new smartphones. It looks like that spell is going to end next month. It can now be expected that new Motorola smartphones will be unveiled next month at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.
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LG has been dropping hints about its next-generation flagship smartphone. We already know that the company is ditching the modular concept for the LG G6 and it has also said that the new smartphone will feature copper heat pipes that will help counter overheating. It says that these heat pipes will ensure that the battery doesn’t overheat even at temperatures as high as 150 degrees.
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The iPhone 7 has an IP67 water and dustproof rating which means that the handset will survive in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. According to a new report out of Korea, the company’s next-generation iPhone is going to feature better water and dust resistance. It’s claimed that Apple will move up to an IP68 rating for the iPhone 8.
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