If you’re a fan of rhythm games, chances are you might be familiar with Bandai Namco’s Taiko Drum Master. The good news is that it looks like it will be arriving on the Switch, as announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation where it will be known as Taiko Drum Master: Nintendo Switch Version. Read full post →Taiko Drum Master For Nintendo Switch Announced

While Splatoon 2 is obviously a great and fun multiplayer game, for those who are wishing for a bit more single-player content, you might be interested to learn that during the Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced Splatoon 2’s first paid DLC called “Octo” which will be introducing new single-player content. Read full post →Splatoon 2’s First Paid DLC ‘Octo’ Will Be A Single-Player Story

Over the past couple of weeks, the world got a brief taste of what it might be like living in a world where computers were sentient. For those who are wondering what we’re talking about, Amazon Alexa users were discovering that the digital assistant would spontaneously burst into laughter. Read full post →Amazon Explains What Is Causing Alexa To Laugh Spontaneously

Given how big video files are, it would require users to have massive memory cards if they want their home security cameras to be recording 24/7. Alternatively this data could be stored in the cloud by the companies who sold the system, which unfortunately does come with a cost. However August is sweetening the deal for its customers. Read full post →August’s Smart Doorbells Now Offer Free 24 Hour Video Recordings

When it comes to choosing a mobile platform, you really need to think about it properly because you will essentially be locked into that platform’s apps and services. This is why it is understandable that despite their misgivings of certain hardware or software features, users tend to stick to one particular platform. Read full post →Study Finds That Android Users Are More Loyal Compared To iOS Users

With Face ID being the brand new feature that Apple introduced last year with the iPhone X, it is expected that it will eventually be brought onto other iPhones. A report from last month suggested that all of 2018’s iPhones would be getting it, and now it appears that Apple supplier Finisar might have confirmed it. Read full post →Apple Supplier Hints That Face ID Will Be Coming To All 2018 iPhones

The process of boarding a flight can be lengthy. This is because there are multiple steps and procedures that you need to take in order to reach your plane, such as checking in your luggage, making it past immigration, customs, and so on. However British Airways has eliminated some of those steps with its biometric boarding gates. Read full post →British Airways Expands Its Biometric Boarding Gates In The US

A recent interview at MWC 2018 revealed the reason why Samsung did not include an in-display fingerprint sensor in the newly announced Galaxy S9 and S9+. Based on the comments, it was even suggested that the Galaxy Note 9 might pass on the feature which is what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is suggesting as well. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Won’t Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

We’re sure what when Segway created its personal transportation system that it envisioned a future in which we would all be getting around that way. Unfortunately that did not exactly pan out, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying. The company has since launched another device called Loomo. Read full post →Segway’s Loomo Is Both A Transportation Device & Companion Robot

According to the rumors, YouTube apparently has a new music streaming service in the works that is due for a launch this month. However according to a report from Variety, it appears that the upcoming music streaming service will not be launching this month after all. This was confirmed by a YouTube spokesperson who spoke to Variety. Read full post →YouTube’s Rumored Music Service Might Not Launch This Month